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Psychiatric care comes in a range from the highest level of care ( inpatient hospitalization) to the least intensive (outpatient private practice appointments). In between these two ends are several other options that provide various levels of care such as community mental health centers, academic centers, wrap around services, intensive outpatient services/partial hospitalization.

Often times, complex psychiatric illness including substance use, severe mental illness resulting in frequent crisis situations, legal involvement, or child welfare involvement are better handled by organizations offering a full complement of treatment options.

Services like collaborative talk therapy, treatment team meetings, pharmacy assistance, insurance navigation, case management, and community resource connections are services that can be provided at larger organizations. Typically these extra services cannot be provided at small private practices as they lack the additional staff to do this kind of work.

After reviewing your information, if it is determined that we are unable to meet your treatment needs, we will be happy to connect you with some local resources to get you pointed in the right direction.

Our goal is to match your unique needs with the most appropriate and beneficial level of care resulting in the best possible outcome.

Scott Fisher, MHA

CEO, Co-founder